The House Price Index Report -What does it mean?

Zoopla’s new House Price Index Report gives us plenty to think about! Brexit ‘hangover’, the COVID-19 pandemic and grave warnings of a looming ‘super-recession’ don’t bode well for any industry. The sometimes volatile, usually rising and always interesting housing market is no different. Or at least that’s a reasonable assumption. But the COVID-19 era UK…

Gas Safety Update

The Court of Appeal recently handed down a judgment on the 18th June 2020 that concluded failure to provide a gas safety certificate prior to a tenants occupation does not prevent a landlord serving a s.21 notice as long as the relevant certificate has been given before service of the notice.

30 Weeks to get a hearing

A Freedom of Information Request by the Residential Landlords Association has discovered the shocking time it is taking to get an eviction hearing. One average it is taking 30 weeks to get a hearing for both Section 8 and Section 21 hearings in London. This is an increase of 7 weeks.