Damage to property

Up to £5,000 cover

Replacement cover

Repair cover

Tenant Liability Insurance

At Oops, we know a large damage bill can be catastrophic for tenants. We provide a tenant liability policy that will cover accidental damage up £5,000 in a 12 month period. Get protected for those Oops moments!

£5,000 of cover

 12 months cover from just £59.99 or £5.50 per month

What’s covered?

  • Accidental damage
    Cover for damage for which you are legally responsible as a tenant whilst in the home during the period of insurance.
  • Repair or replacement
    In the event of accidental damage to the landlord’s property, this policy will replace the damaged item or pay for the cost to repair.
  • New for old
    In the event replacement is required the damaged item will be replaced new for old.
  • Low excess
    In the event of a claim the excess is just £100.
  • Cover includes
    Landlords buildings, household goods, furniture, fixtures, fittings and furnishings including television, satellite and radio reviving aerials, fittings and masts.
  • 12 months cover
    The policy provides 12 months cover from the policy start date.
  • You and your family
    The policy covers you and your family where you are legally responsible as a tenant.

Important Documents

Insurance Product Information Document

It is important that you read this document carefully along with the Policy Wording provided for full details of the policy, including what you are covered for and any exclusions or limitations on the policy.

It is important that you read this document carefully along with the Insurance Product Information Document provided for full details of the policy, including what you are covered for and any exclusions or limitations on the policy.

This cover will indemnify you for damage or loss or legal liability you may incur for accidents or losses occurring in relation your tenancy whilst occupying the home detailed in your policy schedule.

Disclosing important information
(This applies if you are a private individual taking out the insurance wholly or mainly for purposes unrelated to your business, trade or profession) You must take reasonable care to provide complete and accurate answers to questions you are asked when you take out or make any changes to your policy.

Duty of fair presentation
(This applies if you are taking out the insurance contract in any other capacity) Under the Insurance Act 2015, you have a duty to make fair representation of the risk to us before the policy starts, when you make any amendments to your cover and when you renew your policy. This means you must:
a) Disclose all material facts which you know or ought to know (A “material fact” is information that would influence our decision as to whether to inure you and, if so, on what terms);
b) Make the disclosure in a reasonably clear and accessible way and;
c) Ensure that every material representation of fact is substantially correct and made in good faith
Full details of what constitutes “fair presentation” and the consequences of breaching this duty are given in the Policy Document.

Your premium will be payable to the broker or agent that you chose to purchase this policy from. Full details of the premium paid will be detailed on your policy schedule.

Any claim that exceeds the sum insured on your policy schedule.
The maximum sum insured under this policy is £5,000 as shown on your policy schedule.
Any claim that occurs outside of the policy period.
Cost of repair/replacement of any undamaged items that form part of a pair/set or part of a common design.
You must not undertake any repairs to the landlord’s property without insurers prior agreement.
You must take steps to reduce further loss or damage or injury.
You must not admit any liability or responsibility or negotiate or settle any aspect of any claim without the insurers permission to do so in writing.

Cover up to £5,000

Covers up to £5,000 in a 12 month period.

Damage to Property

We provide cover for accidental damage to your rental property.

Replacement or Repair

We provide repair or replacement cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my policy?

Yes. You can cancel without charge within 14 days of the start date of your policy. On the condition that no claims have been made or are pending, we will refund your premium in full, less an administration fee as per our terms and conditions. If you wish to cancel your policy after 14 days, you may do so by giving us notice in writing. may cancel the policy at any time however no refund of premium will be available.

Is there an excess fee?

Yes. There is an excess of £100 per claim.

Is wear and tear covered?

No. There is no cover for any damage caused by wear and tear, damp, vermin, fungus, cleaning, altering or repairing, restoration, mechanical or electrical breakdown, loss of value.

Is deliberate or malicious damage covered?

No. Accidental damage excludes excludes claims arising from Fire, Lightning, Earthquake, Storm, Flood, Theft, Attempted Theft, Malicious Act, Subsidence, Landslip and Heave.

Need to claim?

Logging a claim is quick and easy.

For policies issued before the 1st September 2021, you can telephone the insurer claims line on 0344 856 249.

For policies issued after the 1st September 2021, you can telephone the insurer claims line on 0345 600 74069.

Please provide full details of your claim as soon as possible after the event and always within 30 days of the event occurring. Do not effect full repairs without the insurers consent as this may invalidate a claim.

Please make sure you have complied with the policy wording to ensure that the insurer accepts and resolves your claim in a timely manner.


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